Preservation 101
2 Deterioration of Paper Collections

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What is Preservation?
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What is Preservation?

Elements of a Preservation Program

Although there is general consensus within the preservation community on the basic elements of a systematic preservation program, where the emphasis falls will depend on the type of institution, since institutional and user needs will vary. For example, the primary interest of a public library may be to keep materials in good repair so that they can be used until they become obsolete and are withdrawn, while a research library or an archives would emphasize preservation of intellectual content over the long term and/or preservation of original items with artifactual value.

The basic elements of a preservation program are as follows:

Each of these activities will be discussed in more detail in later sessions of this course. It is helpful to keep in mind that the primary goal of preservation is to ensure that collections survive in good condition for as long as they are needed. Preservation should never be limited to the treatment of a few select items. The most cost-effective way to establish longevity is to prevent or retard deterioration.

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